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Tous les jours, il se couche a once heures et demie du soir.

I meant to say

Everyday, he goes to bed at eleven thirty in the evening.

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Tous les jours, il se couche à onze heures et demie (du soir).

NB: "du soir" is a bit redundant, since you can imagine that it is not "onze heures et demie du matin".
NB2: you could also say: "il se couche à vingt-trois heures trente". (23h30)
As a side note, then 24-hours vs 12-hours system largely depends on people's age.

Older people tend to use the 12-hours system "11 heures du soir".

Young people tend to use the 24-hours system "23 heures" because this is how the time is displayed on digital clocks, computers, cell phones, etc.

The same thing applies to minutes as well. Older people tends to say "10 heures moins le quart" while younger people would naturally say "9 heures 45" for the very same reason.


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