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I'm making a wedding AV presentation for French audience and will be  adding French subtitle to it.  I wonder if you could please help me translate the following in French with correct capitalisation and punctuations.  (The "/" indicates how the film will be sliced between scenes.)

I promise that  /  I will love you  /  be loyal to you  /  take care of you  /  support you  /  and respect you  /  until death.

I would very much appreciate your help here.



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I promise that  /  I will love you  /  be loyal to you  /  take care of you  /  support you  /  and respect you  /  until death.

here is 2 forms :

this one, the first is exactly what you said (word by word with the correct form)

Je promets que / je t'aimerai  /  te serai fidèle /  prendrai soin de toi /  te soutiendrai / et  te respecterai / jusqu'à la mort.

this one, the second is an adaptation that is translated by  "I promise you /  to love you  / to  be loyal to you  /  to take care of you  /  to support you  /  and to respect you  /  until death."   (maybe it's weird in English, but in French it's the usual form. )

Je te promets / de t'aimer / de te rester fidèle / de prendre soin de toi / de te soutenir / et de te respecter / jusqu'à la mort.

Thank you so much for your help in translating this.  I really appreciate it! :)

I will be using the second form you wrote here.  I trust that it's much better.

I hope you don't mind if I ask for translation of another sentence, but this time from French to English.  I have attached the audio link below on youtube.  Again, this is a wedding vow.  

I'm sorry I have never studied French, although I learnt some short phrases when I travelled to France, but this is indeed a really great website.  Really helpful!


No problem.

She is saying word by word without any adding text :

in French :

Je promets de t'aimer / de t’être fidèle / de te chérir /  supporter / et respecter / jusqu’à ce que la mort nous sépare.

which is translated word by word :

I promise to love you  /  to be loyal to you  /  to cherish you  /  to support   /  and to respect   /  until death separates us.

Great!  Again, thank you so much.  I will add the translation to my project.

I hope it's not too much to ask, but I have just received the following messages from well wishers for the newly wed couple and I was wondering if you could also translate these two for me, please.  Again, I would be truly delighted for your kind help. :-)

English to French, please?

Good luck on your marriage and  /  I look forward to a long and happy life.


Again, here is an audio link on youtube, of the parents' message for the couple.  I was the third person here who said 'fini' and 'merci' and I sounded awful!  Just kindly disregard them.

French to English, please?

Good luck on your marriage and  /  I look forward to a long and happy life.

=> I am not sure for the meaning of this sentence (in english)

Good luck on your marriage  : does it mean good luck for the ceremony or good luck for your life as a married couple ?

in french they are saying :

(first man) meilleurs voeux, meilleurs voeux pour tout, l’amour, la santé, les petits bambinots ... après (rire)

(a woman) Nous on leur souhaite tout plein de bonheur (man = voilà) qu’ils soient heureux pour la vie (voilà) 

(woman) et...

(man) et c’est tout.

(woman) On est ému,


(woman) triste et content en même temps,

(woman) très heureux.

(you) thank you ... merci

which is translated by (word by word) :

(first man) Best wishes, best wishes for everything, love, (good) health, and small little children (bambinot is a kindly word for a little child) ... after (he laugh)

(a woman) We, we wish them full of happiness (man said well), to be happy for life. (well)

(woman ) and...

(man) and it's all.

(woman) we are touched.


(woman) Sorrow and pleased, at the same time

I am not sure about the translation, about the level of meaning in english, triste = sorrow or sad,  but not a very important sadness.

(woman) very happy


Wow, that was very clear and the translation was well presented in your response with who said what.  I am so happy and so grateful.  I owe you big!

With regard to the translation from English to French:

Good luck on your marriage and  /  I look forward to a long and happy life .


I believe the person saying this means the second one:  "Good luck for your life as a married couple and." and "I look forward to a long and happy life for both of you."


About the translation of "triste", I think what you've translated it to is fine and will write exactly as you did.  I think she meant it's a mixed filling of sadness and joy for an only son leaving, but starting a new family. 

Again, thank you for your help and patience.

oh, thanks,  ;-)

Good luck on your marriage and  /  I look forward to a long and happy life.

Bonne chance à votre couple, / je me réjouis pour vous deux et vous souhaite une vie longue et heureuse.

It's not exactly word by word, but an adaptation because the English way doesn't exist like that and can't be translate with a good tone like that.

but it's means (word by word) :

Good luck on your couple,   /  I look forward (I understood that like I am delighted) for both of you and wish you a long and happy life.

Thanks a lot, Chantal!

I do understand some translations cannot be done exactly as the original text in English or another language because if you might ask me, my native language is not English and sometimes I find it hard to translate my own to English because translating word by word would give a different meaning or would sometimes sound awkward.

Anyway, I'm sure the couple I'm making this film for will be very pleased, the same as I am pleased with all your help.

Merci beaucoup!


I wish this couple full of hapiness :-)

Meilleurs voeux de bonheur à ce couple :-)

I can't seem to find the reply button after your last post in this thread, but thank you.  I will sure extend your greeting to them.

Just a quick question if I may ask.  How would you translate in French if I omit the "I look forward to" part and write instead:

 I wish you both a long and happy life.

 I wish you both a long and happy life.

Je vous souhaite à tous les deux une longue et heureuse vie.

Ok, thank you.  I really appreciate it!


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