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Could you please help me translate the following to French?  It's the current tourism slogan of the country.

It's more fun in the Philippines!


I would very much appreciate your help.



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I would say  " C'est plus amusant aux Philippines" 

and for the young you can say "C'est plus fun aux Philippines" : "fun" is understood in French.

Hi Chantal,

It's me again.  Thank you for the translation.

Which of the two versions you wrote do you think sounds more catchy or appealing to potential tourists both adults and the young?



If it's for an advertising, a poster with a beach and sea and a boat : the second  "C'est plus fun aux Philippines !" sounds more like a slogan.

You can invert too : " Aux Philippines, c'est plus fun ! "  it's exactly the same meaning, but a bit different from the original, it depends if you want to keep the original slogan.

you have another possibility :

In France, more and more, we use to have slogans in another language (English is usual, and more and more Spanish and Deutsch) with an asterisk (*)  and down the poster, the asterisk with the translation in French.

An your slogan "It's more fun in the Philippines!' is easy to understand : someone who doesn't speak English understand "fun in the Philippines" if this part is bigger especially if there is one of theses wonderful pictures I have already seen. 

You can do that too : Leave the original slogan and translate down the sheet or  even just "*fun : *amusant".

I am less helpful there ;-)

Your suggestion of leaving the original slogan and translating it down the sheet sounds a brilliant idea to me. :-)  I will probably use the *fun version.

No, you're inputs are truly a great help!  Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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