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I am having some problems understanding how to use pronouns.


I have an exercise that I need to rewrite the sentance with the proper pronouns, however my text is not helping me understand how to do this.


A couple examples of the sentences are:


Prete ton crayon a Paul.


Ne raconte pas de mensonger a ta mere.


Achete des fleurs a ta femme.


Thanks for any help.


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I don't know if i understand correctly : do you have to replace the name of the underlined words with pronouns ? If so, i try :

Prête ton crayon à Paul /Lend your pen to Paul
Prête-le à Paul / Lend it to Paul
Prête-lui ton crayon / Lend your pencil to him (lend him your pencil ? not sure)
Yes that that is the goal of the exercise. I guess if I replace both sets of underlined words with pronouns it would be - "Prete-le a-il" - / Lend it to him ?

Thank you for your help.
This one is the trickiest ! It is "Prete-le-lui".
I know you already got an answer, but FYI (sorry, some words should have an accent but I don't know how to make them on this computer):

a + 1 person is replaced by the pronoun lui

ex: Je parle a Marc. Je lui parle.
Je parle a Marie. Je lui parle.

de + object(s) is replaced by the pronoun en

ex. Je parle de l'ecole. J'en parle.
J'achete des fleurs. J'en achete.
Je veux du pain. J'en veux.
Je veux de la soupe. J'en veux.

**The examples you gave in your exercise are SPECIAL because they are COMMANDS ("imperatives"). In negative commands, the object pronouns go in front of the verb as normal.
Ne lui en raconte pas.
But in POSITIVE commands, the object pronouns go AFTER the verb and are connected with hyphens.

When you have TWO object pronouns (like your exercises), there is a specific order depending on the combination of pronouns used. I bet there's a chart in your textbook somewhere!
Hi Jill

If you want accents, and you are running Windows, I can supply the key-strokes.
Please email on:-

A bientôt.
Readers may be interested in information I put together a while ago on typing accents. It's a bit Windows-focussed at the moment but it's a starting point.


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