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is this word only written?  i just saw it in a newspaper headline.  i also know "pavanne pour une infante défunte."  and speaking of "infant" when do u use it in french?  i'm just going by the dictionary as i've never heard it, but "nourisson" seems to b the common word for a baby.  Tx  

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"défunt" as a noun, is used, "le défunt" instead of "le mort" (as people = "un mort") in a funeral ceremony for exemple.

"défunt" as an adjective is not very used. "décédé" is used more.

"infante" is a spanish word for the spanich royal children (not the first one who is a "prince" or a 'princesse"). It's used when we speak about spanish royal chilgren.

"nourrison" is a common word only for a young baby = for a baby who suckle.  "Un bébé" is common too.

u can't say "very used."  u'd have to say "used very often" or "commonly used."  

u don't hear "suckle."  u'd say "breastfeeding."  


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