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There is a film titled "Arrête ou je continue." The English title for it is 'If you don't, I will.'

That should be a faithful translation. But I wonder if other interpretaions, completely different, are possible. For instance, can you use "Arrête ou..." for 'Stop, or I'll shoot' ?

Thanks for your comments.

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That seems like a very free translation to me.

I think "Arrête ou..." for 'Stop, or I'll shoot' ?  should work.

I don't really understand the question..

But I don't understand the French phrase either ^^°

I think it's done on purpose but that sentence doesn't mean anything....

Usually "Arrête ou..." is half of a childish expression. When a child is bothering another the victim says "arrète ou je vais le dire à la maitresse / à maman" it's between threat and blackmail.

On the other end "... ou je continue" seems to be half of an expression used by the "bully"  while bothering someone to obtain someting. "Donne moi du chocolat ou je continue" (de te chatouiller, de te tapper...etc.) that's the same structure as the first one but in a mirror. It's also half threat half blackmail.

That's why the title "Arrète ou je continue" doesn't have any real meaning.  But I understand the "joke", I suppose this film is about complex relationships, probably couple relationships, where the logic is often absent and childish behaviors often presents ;)

I don't see any way to translate the title in English without loosing the joke :(

"Stop or I continue" doesn't mean anything either...

I am so impressed by your guess if you did not see the film, because that's what it is like- lots of mercurial moods and hard to explain behaviors.

I was first misled into thinking it was idiom by how the translator came back with the **exact** English title. Perhaps the translator takes cue from the movie's French and English titles. Too smart by half! It sure fooled me!

Thanks !

And no I haven't seen the film ^^°

A lot of French "comédies romantiques" have the same kind of "joke" titles...

"L'arnacoeur" -> Arnaque + coeur ...... I guess a guy is gonna cheat on one or more women

"Je vous trouve très beau" .... Is her love real or is she only interested in money ?

"Un peu, Beaucoup, Aveuglément" ... someone is gonna delude someone else

" A trois, on y va" ... threesome love story

etc... etc...

Not really  my type of movie, I find them too predictable ... ^^°


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