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Comment dit-on, "What's up, buddy?" en francais?

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The equivalent of "What's up?" in french is "Quoi de neuf?"

For buddy, you can say "mon pote", but there are more slang expressions you can find.

Note that Quoi de neuf? is a classic example of a phrase that's been corrupted by the age of chat rooms and text messages. You'll see Koi de 9? or even Koid9?

You can even find "Koi 2 9"

Maybe it could be interesting to make a list of the internet slang in french, because it can be very hard to understand, even for native speakers, and can be a source of mistakes for people learning french

I think that'd be fun too. Since I'm in a French IRC chat channel every day I see plenty. I'll start a list...
Still, if you think of any more to add to the list, we can start our own. Incidentally, some of the ones on their list aren't really text/chatspeak per se, but just variants used in any kind of informal writing (e.g. pop songs). Might be helpful to distinguish between the two.


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