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Tu peux me tél mais très difficile je ne parle pas beaucoup anglais, je me sers d un traducteur pour la langue lol

à bientôt Martinique

I have received an email or rather we exchanged emails. I understand everything on that email except the word 'lol'.

What is it.

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"lol "="laugh out loud" (rire tout fort)

You can just google it as it comes up quite high in the returns.

There is Wikepedia page also.

I think such expressions are referred to as "internet acronyms"

Thanks George.

They are exceptional stuff.

My French is beneath contempt.

Nobody should expect me to know such things.

"lol" is not particularly French.  It is a language all it's own based in English called Internet-ese. It's made up of letters that stand for entire phrases to save text characters (examples: LOL = laughing out loud; OMG = Oh, my God).  There younger generation world-wide understand this language.  Those of us of a certain age are still learning.  Don't worry about your French, Crack1.  This site is of help to us all.


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