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Can someone please help me understand this?  It is a Facebook comment underneath a photo of an old Paris scene and the person is saying the place reminds them of their childhood. They say: 'Colette qui m'envoyait ses bonbons de sa fenêtre et puis le jardin du Palais Royal... j'en ai pris plein les yeux et rien qu'avec ça mon enfance quelque part fut un petit paradis.

I can't understand the second part  of this!

Thank you.

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j'en ai pris plein les yeux : I was blown away/flabbergasted/ amazed at what I saw


Literally it means that the eyes were the receptacle of wonderful things: "I had many (wonderful)  things going into my eyes"

et rien qu'avec ça mon enfance quelque part fut un petit paradis

and only with this (of what I saw) / my childhood was kind of a little bit of heaven.

so roughly it means:

I was blown away by what I had seen and thanks to it  my childhood somehow was a little bit of paradise. 

Thank you very much, Devas! I'm finding that reading Facebook comments on French sites is most educational and it's good I can ask on this forum about the ones I can't understand!



      I'm glad I was able to help !                                      


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