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Acceptable translation?

Vous m'avez donné raison de se réjouir.   Is this an acceptable colloquial translation of ... You've (or You have) given me reason to rejoi…

Started by Robert A

6 Jan 11, 2013
Reply by Robert A

What does this mean Please help

jva la trouver check saa sa sent vient bang bang bang lestie

Started by Jan S

2 Jan 9, 2013
Reply by Chantal Savignat

Key Student

Translations for some expression in French

I have some questions about how certain phrases/sentences should be translated in French: 1. l'administration paternelle Is this the equiva…

Started by Scott Landfear

5 Jan 6, 2013
Reply by Nicolas Wolff

Key Student

Meaning of the expression 'à la direction'

In my previous question, I asked whether the expression 'à la direction' could mean a 'at that address or place'. The sentence from which t…

Started by Scott Landfear

2 Jan 6, 2013
Reply by Nicolas Wolff

Key Student

Correct translation of some sentences from the short story 'Les Pêches'

I have found the following sentences from Andre Theuriet's short story 'Les Pêches' difficult to translate with certainty. I am giving the…

Started by Scott Landfear

5 Dec 13, 2012
Reply by Scott Landfear

Key Student

Seeking a colloquial expression in French

Hi all- Can anyone help me by offering a French expression that would mean roughly "I'm right there with you!" or "I completely get it" or…

Started by Allison L.

5 Dec 12, 2012
Reply by Allison L.


Bonjour! I am attempting to translate a sentiment but have been told a couple of different translations and need to make absolutely sure t…

Started by Brandon Hood

5 Dec 7, 2012
Reply by Brandon Hood

Some of the words are mis-pelled I think

cher messieur bonjours vous revetes bien votre vie pourquoi maru n'aurait pas le droit de refaire la siennes !!!!! pourquoi l'avoir mi sur…

Started by Daniel Michaels

1 Dec 4, 2012
Reply by Jackie Cann

Translation Help - Conjugation

So I tried to write this sentence out but I wasn't sure how to conjugate it or if I did it correctly. Could somebody please help?The senten…

Started by Darren

3 Nov 17, 2012
Reply by George Hunt

Help with non-literal translation of Garde Mal.

My surname is "Gardemal," which first appears in Northeastern France in the early 1600s. Members of the family have provided numerous prop…

Started by JGardemal

2 Nov 9, 2012
Reply by Jan Loose


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