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La considération

Can anybody help translate this? La considération implique le respect; la popularité peut coexister avec le manque d'estime.

Started by Joseph Cronin

8 May 9, 2015
Reply by Joseph Cronin

Help translating a sentence - Kant

There's a sentence about the philosopher Kant - "sa primauté exclusivement philosophique interdisait une popularité générale et tapageuse".…

Started by Joseph Cronin

10 Feb 12, 2015
Reply by Joseph Cronin

accuracy of google translate liaisons

Is google Translate pretty accurate when it comes to pronunciation of liaisons?

Started by Marcus Trawick

9 Jan 25, 2015
Reply by Marcus Trawick

Help with one sentence

Hello everybody. I hit the linguistic wall and need your help. I'd like to say: In the future, I would like to work on a larger scaled pro…

Started by domen_123

1 Jan 12, 2015
Reply by George Hunt

Help me out

Hello I am a french student and I have to write a lot of texts to get my grade up. Can some of you please help me. I find it hard to come u…

Started by Lois

2 Dec 7, 2014
Reply by Charles D

Help me translate from French to English, please?

Robinson redescendit plus d'une fois dans le trou de la grotte pour y retrouver la paix merveilleuse de son enfance. Il avait pris l'habitu…

Started by Madian

4 Nov 21, 2014
Reply by Madian

Are articles required before nouns in flash cards for small kids?

Hello! I am developer of educational app for small kids (2-3 years) "Kids learn about Animals" Now I am working on localizing this app into…

Started by Clever Bit

9 Nov 6, 2014
Reply by Clever Bit


I had to do a short essay on hobbies. My teacher marked it and gave me a C and told me to completely rewrite it. I I have no idea where I w…

Started by anton povstyan

4 Oct 16, 2014
Reply by Tymon Cameron

A savoir comment

Hello I think it's a simple question. But I couldn't find a answer so far. I am trying to understand these sentences from the famous song N…

Started by Hermano Lustosa

8 Oct 7, 2014
Reply by Grégory

translation of content

I have to do a presentation in French. Can you tell me what the part is called in which you tell the content, in French of course. Teneur,…

Started by Tim brtlnk

5 Oct 4, 2014
Reply by George Hunt


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